The Planes Of COTA

I was out at Circuit of the Americas, aka COTA, for the MotoGP race a couple of weeks back. The circuit, is close to the […]


Learjet 45 – N46MW

Caught this beautiful Learjet 45 landing at Austin Bergstrom International Airport recently. The plane is registered to an outfit named “Whiskey Tango” which makes me wonder out loud: “where’s Foxtrot?” but that’s something for another day. I like how you can see straight through the hull in a couple of the pictures which makes me […]

kirby chambliss

Red Bull Air Race #catchkirby

This is just about the coolest promo ever. Sure, there are some stereotypical Texas things in there, like the Longhorns on the cop car doors, but I really enjoyed this. Looks like I’m going to the Metroplex in September. More information on the race dates etc. is located on the official Red Bull Air Race […]


The Runway Is Wet

The music in this video sucks but the pictures that they get are quite spectacular. I did not realize that you could fly a T-6 Texan like that. By the way, overseas the Texan is called “Harvard.” Wheels down, skimming the water like that takes skills and big ole brass cojones. I’d be worried about […]