toronto pearson airport yyz

Toronto Pearson Airport #YYZ

I took this shot when I was making my way back to Austin from Montreal. I went to Montreal via Toronto for the Formula 1 […]

DJI Inspire Camera Drone

NFL Teams In Hot Water For Using Drones For Filming

Over on Bloomberg they are reporting that some NFL teams are in hot water for using drones for filming. The crux of the matter, is that they are not legally allowed to use drones for commercial purposes without FAA permission. Apparently, if the a team employee flies the drones, then they do not need a […]


Canadian Air Force CF-18 Flying Over Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

I was blessed with the chance to be at the Canadian Grand Prix this year. I was expecting a fly over by some planes after the Canadian anthem was played, but I was not expecting a pair of Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 to fly overhead. Here’s one of the planes: The planes actually made […]

avro vulcan bomber

Video: Avro Vulcan Bomber In Flight

Here is some neat video of an Avro Vulcan bomber flying a demo at an air show, way back in 2010. The Vulcan is a Delta wing bomber originally developed as a nuclear weapons capable strategic bomber for the Royal Air Force. It was operated by the Royal Air Force from 1956 until 1984. It […]