C-130 Hercules Overhead

In what someone described as a strafing run, this USAF C-130 Hercules goes over turn 11 at Circuit Of The Americas during the opening ceremonies […]

helicopter-camera ship at cota

Helicopter camera ship at #cota for the #usgp #iloveplanes

The pilot flying this Eurocopter is an amazing pilot. I’m not sure how many other people are onboard with him operating the camera and other things, but they were getting some awesome shots of the race. I don’t know if this is the same pilot as in years past, but I imagine that he has […]


Meet Dana, She Wanted An Adventure

I get emails from people fairly regularly asking me to promote this, that or the other. Sometimes, the things are good matches, other times, they’re not. Most of the times though, the pitch is just blah. This is where Dana proved the be the exception. There isn’t much about the planes that she traveled on […]

F-18 Hornet Pilots Being Awesome

F-18 Cockpit Video

This F-18 cockpit video was filmed from operations around the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). It shows pilots of F-18 Hornets and Rhinos doing some crazy pilot stuff. Lots of launches, lots of recoveries and lots of low level flying and other flying around spending tax payer money like there won’t be a tomorrow. There were […]