Parachuting Into Croke Park

So really, this has nothing to do with airplanes or plane spotting, but I think it’s a cool video of someone parachuting into Croke Park. I like it, just because I like the perspective of jumping into the stadium from a plane. Apparently, there was a football game going on which was the occasion that […]


Magic Of Flight

I don’t know that I’ll ever get tired of watching these videos by Avianca Brasil pilots. When I was a wee lad of 16, this is what I imagined flying a plane to be like. Even though you’re going to pretty much the same places every day, it’s different every time and it’s magic every […]


Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 N8315C

This Boeing 737-800 N8315C was delivered new to Southwest Airlines back in July 25 of 2012. I missed posting this on the plane’s delivery date anniversary by a couple of days. When I took the shot, I thought that it was a -700 series so when I looked up the rego, I was surprised to […]