Meet Dana, She Wanted An Adventure

I get emails from people fairly regularly asking me to promote this, that or the other. Sometimes, the things are good matches, other times, they’re […]

F-18 Hornet Pilots Being Awesome

F-18 Cockpit Video

This F-18 cockpit video was filmed from operations around the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). It shows pilots of F-18 Hornets and Rhinos doing some crazy pilot stuff. Lots of launches, lots of recoveries and lots of low level flying and other flying around spending tax payer money like there won’t be a tomorrow. There were […]

b-25 t-6 t-34

B-25 Mitchell, T-6 Texan & T-34 Mentor Fly Over Circuit of the Americas

A B-25 Mitchell bomber of WWII vintage, known as “The Yellow Rose” flies over Circuit of the Americas flanked by a T-6 Texan on the left and a T-34 Mentor on the right. This particular B-25 is painted in the North Africa camo scheme, but it never actually saw combat duties. It belongs to the […]


Mathias Dolderer At The Red Bull Air Race In DFW

Mathias Dolderer at the Texas Motor Speedway during the Red Bull Air Race. This shot was taken on Sunday during the finals. Check out the wing tip vortices, cool huh? via Instagram http://bit.ly/1Brc4KB