Canadian Air Force CF-18 Flying Over Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

I was blessed with the chance to be at the Canadian Grand Prix this year. I was expecting a fly over by some planes after the Canadian anthem was played, but I was not expecting a pair of Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 to fly overhead. Here’s one of the planes: The planes actually made […]

avro vulcan bomber

Video: Avro Vulcan Bomber In Flight

Here is some neat video of an Avro Vulcan bomber flying a demo at an air show, way back in 2010. The Vulcan is a Delta wing bomber originally developed as a nuclear weapons capable strategic bomber for the Royal Air Force. It was operated by the Royal Air Force from 1956 until 1984. It […]

Waco YMF

Airplane Registration Lookup

Have you ever seen a really cool plane or helicopter and wondered who that plane belongs to? You’re in luck! As long as the plane has a United States “N” number registry, you can go to the FAA’s airplane registration lookup website and look up the registration information for the plane. Some planes are registered […]